...NKCA Baseball, est. 1946...

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Field:    AJ Wilson Sports Complex and Platte Purcahase Park

Tournament Rules

  • Format - Single Elimination
  • Team must provide league approved baseballs - Pro Nine OLA, P502, LPM-9 (Machine Pitch)
  • Seeding will be determined by regular season record in the division the team was in.  
    • In an effort to place like skill set teams in the same brackets, teams can be moved up or down out of a division, thus receiving a different seeding based on the skill set of the division from the regular season.
    • In the event of a tie in record, the league will look at head to head when the division played a balanced schedule, then runs allowed.
  • No ties - In the event of a tie at the end of regulation or 6 innings (6U-12U) / 7 innings (13U-19U), at the top of the next inning, place the last 3 batters on base and begin the inning with 1 out...
    • The furthest from batting on 1st base, then next on 2nd base, etc.
  • Mathematical spread for Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch
  • Higher seed will be home team through entire tournament, including the championship game.
  • All other NKCA Baseball League Rules will apply. 

Seedings / Brackets


In the event teams back out of the tournament, once the schedule is published, we will move teams along in the tournament with a win as opposed to restructuring the bracket by reseeding and changing teams schedules.


** In the event of inclement weather, some games may play after the postseason tournament in an effort to get them in.  The Wednesday before the tournament will be the last scheduled game of the regular season to allow for one days rest prior to the start of the postseason tournament and time to seed teams in their respective brackets.  Keep in mind, if you are in kid pitch, you will want to manage your pitch counts leading up to the post season tournament to ensure those you would like to be eligible to pitch are eligible.