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GameChanger Website

GameChanger is a simple yet powerful app for baseball scorekeeping and softball scorekeeping.
* Winner of "Best in Show" at 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention 
* "A no-brainer" - Los Angeles Times 

* Coaches and scorekeepers will save valuable time with extensive stat management tools, spray charts and pitch-by-pitch game recaps. 
* Fans can view live streaming game updates and box scores online or on web enabled phones.

* Learn more and get started at www.GameChanger.io. 
* FAQ and App User's Guide: www.GameChanger.io/help 
* Video Tutorials: www.GameChanger.io/help/tutorials 
* GameChanger in action: http://bit.ly/aQEczU 

* Create your team, schedule, roster and lineup 
* Make easy roster edits and substitutions 
* Quick view of on-deck & in-the-hole batters 
* Capture play results with simple menu selections 
* Drag defensive players to location where ball is fielded 
* Drag and drop advancing runners 
* View live score, pitch counts and play-by-play recaps 
* Undo plays for in-game editing 
* Resume scoring a game with auto-save on every pitch 

WEB FEATURES (www.GameChanger.io) 
* Create teams, rosters and schedules for access on the app 
* View live play-by-play and box score ("GameStream") 
* View post game box scores (basic and advanced) 
* View and sort dozens of batting stats including: AB, H, AVG, RBI, OBP, SLG, OPS, and 6-plus pitch at-bats 
* View and sort dozens of pitching stats including: IP, H, R, ER, BB, SO, HR, ERA, Batters faced, Total pitches, Total strikes, First pitch strikes, strike %, batters on or out in 3 pitches or less and many more
*View dynamic spray charts for every ball put in play
*Read and share auto-generated game recap stories
*Share game updates via email, text, Facebook and Twitter

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