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2019 Triple Crown MoKan Machine Pitch State
When: June 14-16, 2019 Registration Deadline: June 10, 2019

Location: AJ Wilson Sports Complex - See the "Fields" area for a map and address.


Eligibility: 6U - 8U with D1 (AAA), D2 (A/AA), and D3 (League Only) levels of competition

Cost: comes with a 3 game guarantee
6U-8U Machine Pitch - $295

This tournament will be Triple Crown sanctioned

** Complete the team application by using the link below.  Once complete, the coach will load the team roster on the Triple Crown website.

 2019 Triple Crown State Team Application

WHO's In


Traditional Brackets (will be visable once pool play is over and seeding is complete)

Gate Fee$5.00 per adult 13 & older.  The main gate (south gate) will be the only gate open.

Rainouts:  Please visit our home page for field condition information, otherwise coaches will receive a text and/or email based on their profile setup.

After team registration is closed (6/10), fans can also receive tournament communication, including field conditions and team updates by selecting...  

Fan Registration

** Concessions available - No outside food or drink **

Tournament Contacts
Tournament Director – Mike Unnerstall 816-682-4066
 Director of Operations – Tom Dietzman 816-694-7012

Park Rules

Rules and Format:  The Triple Crown MoKan State Tournament format will be a 3 Game Guarantee - 2 pool games and then re-seed into a single elimination bracket.

  • Balls will be provided
  • Machine Pitch - 6U and 8U
    • 6 inning ball game
    • 1 hour 20 minute time limit 
    • 7 runs per inning
    • 5 Pitches or 3 strikes
    • Teams can tie in pool play
    • Spread - Mathematical (once a team is unable to mathematically win, the game will end)
    • Speed of the machine
      • 36 MPH for 6U/7U
      • 38 MPH for 8U
    • Teams must bat their entire lineup, minimum of 9 players, each player less than 9 will be an out. In the event of injury, teams will compress the lineup without penalty. In the event of a player ejection, an out will be called in their spot in the line up.
    • NO bunting will be allowed
    • NO intentional walks
    • Fields shall use dual pitching rubbers, prior to the pitch, the pitcher must stand with both feet on the rubber.  Pitcher shall have the choice of which rubber to stand on.
    • If the ball hits the pitching machine (machine, stand, or cord) umpire or coach in any way, the ball is dead and all runners shall advance one base.
    • Each batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches or three "strikes" to put the ball in play. If she/he fails to do so, she/he will be declared out.
    • Umpire shall call time-out once the lead runner ceases to continue to advance (ie stops on a base).
    • Leading off and stealing will not be allowed in Machine Pitch. In all divisions, the runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball crosses the plate.  If an umpire sees a runner leaving a base early, he shall be given a warning and may be called out for a second offense.
    • The "Infield Fly Rule" will not be in effect
    • If a player leaves the game due to illness or injury, the batting sequence will move to the next batter in the lineup with 1 out recorded, once removed the player may not return.
    • Overthrow rule to any base:  runner may advance a max of one base on an overthrow at first at their own risk.  If the runner doesn′t attempt to advance, the runner will remain on the last base occupied.  For the purpose of this rule, the runners base is determined at the time of the pitch and not at the time of the throw from the fielder.
    • Teams shall use a pitch runner (last batted out) for the catcher of record while he is on base, optional with 0 or 1 out, mandatory with 2 outs.
  • Higher seed is home throughout bracket play, including championship game.
  • In the event of a tie in standings during pool play, the teams involved in the tie will be decided by...  
    • Head to head
    • Runs allowed
    • Runs scored
    • Coin flip