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2013 Mother's Day Classic
USSSA State Qualifier

Showcase your teams’ talent for the person who makes it all possible, our Mother’s!!

Treat your Mother to a special weekend and great baseball!!

When: May 10-12, 2013 Registration Deadline: May 3, 2013

Location: AJ Wilson Sports Complex - See the "Fields" area for a map and address.

Eligibility: 7U - 14U,   A / AA/ Open

Cost: comes with a 3 game guarantee.
7U-8U Machine Pitch - $185
9U - $230
10U - $275
11U-14U - $365

This tournament will be USSSA sanctioned.


Please select the link below to ensure you are familiar with USSSA Bat Rule for this tournament.
USSSA Bat Rule 

** Complete the team application by using the link below.  When that is done, the team will then
move to the tournament schedule.  Feel free to use the coaches checklist link to assist you through the process.

 2013 Mother's Day Classic Team Application

Coaches checklist

Tournament T-Shirts

Gate Fee$5.00 per adult 18 & older.  The main gate (south gate) will be the only gate open.

Rainouts:  Please visit our home page for field condition information, otherwise coaches will receive a text and/or email based on their profile setup.

After team registration is closed, fans can also receive tournament communication, including field conditions and team updates by selecting...  

Fan Registration
(registration will open on 5/9/13)

** Concessions available - No outside food or drink **

Tournament Contacts
Tournament Director – Mike Unnerstall 816-682-4066
League Director – Mike Cantwell 816-729-5355

Rules and Format:  The USSSA Baseball program will use the pool-play format.  A single-elimination format will be used in the championship bracket following pool play.  The exact format of the tournament, the number of pools, number of teams in each pool, etc., will be set by the Tournament Director following USSSA baseball guidelines and being approved by the USSSA Baseball State Director.
  • Balls will be provided
  • 9U-14U
    • Innings played
      • 6 inning ball game (9U-12U)
      • 7 inning ball game (13U-14U)
    • 1 hour 45 minutes time limited
    • Batting the entire line-up is recommended but not mandatory
    • Spreads
      • 15, 8 runs after 3, 4 innings for a 6 inning ball game
      • 15, 12, 8 runs after 3, 4, 5 innings for a 7 inning ball game
    • Pitcher requirements
      • 9U-14U 
        • 4 Innings per game
  • 9U Specific Rules
    • No dropped 3rd strike (batter may not advance on a dropped 3rd call, it will be an automatic out)
    • No lead offs will be allowed.  Each team will get one warning per game on this offense, the next offense the runner will be called out.
    • A runner may attempt to steal once the ball crosses home plate.
    • Infield Fly rule will be in effect
    • Stealing home will be allowed on a passed ball
  • Machine Pitch - 7U and 8U
    • 6 inning ball game
    • 1 hour 20 minute time limit 
    • 7 runs per inning
    • Spread - Mathematical spread will be used - in the event another team does not have the opportunity to win the game, the game will be over.
    • No bunting allowed
    • No walks allowed
    • Teams must bat their entire line-up
    • Pitcher must be in contact with one of the two pitching rubbers adjacent to the machine until the ball has been fed through the machine
    • An infielder must have a ball to call time. Play does not end until forward progress has stopped.
    • No Infield Fly rule
    • Speed of the machine
      • 38 MPH for 7U
      • 40 MPH for 8U
  • Flip for home team throughout pool play, higher seed is home throughout bracket play, including championship game.
  • In the event of a tie in standings, the teams involved in the tie for the championship game will be decided by...
    • Head to head
    • Runs allowed
    • Run differential (maximum /- 8 Runs per Game)
    • Coin flip