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To load your game schedule onto your iPhone:

Do this on a desktop:

start by going to your teams schedule on this site (menu Team, dropdown schedule)(then select division and team in dropdowns)

once on your teams schedule page, scroll to the bottom.  you will see two links, copy the address under the one that reads "Schedule address for Google Calendar".

send yourself an email and paste the above address into the body.

open the email on your iphone.

copy the address from the email.  you do this by holding your finger down on the link, when the options pop up, choose copy.

go to the "Settings" icon on the homescreen and select

go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

under Accounts select "Add Account..."

select "Other"

select "Add Subscribed Calendar"

now you will see "Server", hold your finger on the light grey words, this will open a pop up called paste, select it and it will paste the address you copied earlier.  Select "Next" in the upper right hand corner.

When the screen pops open change the "Description" to your team name, hit next, if you get an SSL message just say OK.

now you can go to your calendar and all the games and practices your team has on the schedule will be on your iphone.  any changes made to the schedule will also be made on your phone's calendar.

you can do this for multiple calendars, just repeat the process.