...NKCA Baseball, est. 1946...

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Dates:  10/14-17
Field:    AJ Wilson Sports Complex

Tournament Rules

  • Format - Single Elimination
  • Team must provide league approved baseballs - 6U Coach Pitch balls will be provided
  • Seeding will be determined by regular season record in the division the team was in.  
    • In an effort to place like skill set teams in the same brackets, teams can be moved up or down out of a division, thus receiving a different seeding based on the skill set of the division from the regular season.
    • In the event of a tie in record, the league will look at head to head when the division played a balanced schedule, then runs allowed, then runs scored.
  • No ties - In the event of a tie at the end of regulation or 6 innings (6U-12U) / 7 innings (13U-19U), at the top of the next inning, place the last 3 batters on base and begin the inning with 1 out...
    • The furthest from batting on 1st base, then next on 2nd base, etc.
  • Mathematical Spread or 12 and 8 after 4th and 5th inning respectively
  • Higher seed will be home team through entire tournament, including the championship game.
  • All other NKCA Baseball League Rules will apply. 

Seedings / Brackets -

Post Season Schedule 

Traditional Bracket View

In the event teams back out of the tournament, once the schedule is published, we will move teams along in the tournament with a win as opposed to restructuring the bracket by reseeding and changing teams schedules.